True Grits? Parker? Not anymore. NPAA uniforms will be going from Parker to Land’s End beginning next month, because Parker has recently shut down.

A lot of the students at NPAA are not pleased with this change. It was just a major downer.

When asked about how he feels about the change, junior Sam Schlemmer stated, “Well, I never wear Parker shorts anyways so this change will not affect me unless they start checking tags all of a sudden.”

Teachers have been saying that they will start checking tags, so be prepared to be sent to the office for dress code.

English and History teacher, Tracy Harder, is very happy about this change. “This school should look put together. This is the perfect chance to start making that change.”

For some people this is a big hassle. Sophomore Elliott Park stated, “This is just more money that we have to spend.”

The good thing is that students will still be allowed to wear their Parker attire. Coach Branon Shea has a lot to say about this switch up. “It’s a good change!”

The cool thing is that the school will be coming out with new sweatshirt designs available to purchase.

Senior Katherine Anaya stated, “I think the new sweatshirt designs are the only good thing about this change.”