The 2018 NPAA soccer season started off to a great start. Their first home game against SCVI was on Tuesday, January 16 and it ended in victory.

The game started off slow, but the second half got spicy! The biggest moment in the game came in the second half. “I came in with the ball with a cut to the left and took my shot,” recalled Julian Pantoja, Striker. “A different guy

[from SCVI] was trying to kick it out and he made a goal for our team!” The crowd went crazy, and the opponents’ jaws dropped in disbelief.

The team has already made many improvements  and it showed in the game. Assistant Coach Simon Liversidge stated, “Chris played very well in defense, Mark shot a beautiful goal off a free kick and had 2 assists.”

The first soccer game on home turf was a success! The teams started off neck and neck, but in the end NPAA was on top. “The game went really well,” co-team captain Mike Zhou, says, “We’re glad we could bring home a W!”

Overall the team played hard, and with lots of heart. They really wanted to defend on home ground, and they did! The team is excited to keep playing strong.