Starting on April 8, 2018, only vegan food will be served in the NPAA cafeteria. Staff finalized this decision after many students at NPAA began to go vegan.

After countless complaints about the lunch options, administration finally gave in and switched to an only vegan cafeteria. Most students are pleased with this option.

Senior Cross McKenzie is especially pleased with this change. “I think this is a great change. I have been trying for so long to get this school to change to a healthier option. Now I can actually eat lunch!”

Not all staff agreed on the decision, however. Coach Branon Shea, frequenter of the school cafeteria, stated, “I was a part of the meeting to change to a vegan menu, but I couldn’t keep up with what everybody is saying, so I just nodded my head in agreement. Big mistake.”

Freshman Rianne Aguilar is not a big fan of this change. “How can you have pizza with no cheese? That’s not pizza.”

Now that NPAA is pro-vegan, nearly 20 more students have made the major lifestyle change. By making this change in lunches, staff hoped that more students would change to this healthy lifestyle, and the outcome has been very positive.

Some people really don’t care about the change in lunches. “Wait, we have vegan lunches now? It doesn’t affect me. I go to the food court everyday anyways,” stated junior Ethan Hobson.

The vegan lunch menu seems to not be going away anytime soon, so students better get used to it. Mrs. Meza is working as hard as she can to make the vegan food as good as possible, as she always does.