By popular demand, the senior class of Newbury Park Adventist Academy 2018 will receive physical education. An additional period is being added to the schedule in quarter four to accommodate the new class for the seniors. The class is called Lifetime Sports. Students will be able to choose whichever sport they would like during that period.

“The senior class deserves to have this period, they are athletic and talented,” Coach Branon Shea, teacher of the renewed class, asserted. “When they struggle at a sport, they work hard to get better at it. I know they will use this time responsibly and wisely.”

Most of the staff agreed with Coach Shea, that the seniors are mature enough to organize their own exercise, but still should have it during school hours.

“I think that it’s important for the seniors to have their own life, and if they spend it exercising they can’t fully enjoy their youth. This is why it was imperative for them to have Lifetime Sports as part of their school schedule. This allows them to stay in shape, while still having lives outside of school.” Principal Steve Laing stated.

The period is bound to be successful, as the seniors have been waiting for it since freshmen year. They heard stories from their upperclassmen about what a paradise it was.

David Castiglioni, senior, said, “I wanted Lifetime Sports for a lifetime. Getting the freedom to actually do sports for as long as we want and switch around to accommodate others interests would be super fun. I’m excited for this class.”

Although many students wanted the return of the class, other seniors were appalled by this “dilemma.” Those who loathe sports, but are now required to take a PE to graduate.

“Sports are trash, I don’t want to have to move that much, then I’ll have to eat even more,” Senior Vanessa Lopez ranted. “If I wanted to run, I’d run away from that class.”