Breaking news! Hydro flasks contain an unhealthy amount of lead. The EPA released a statement on February 15, 2018 stating, “ Hydro flasks are not safe… we apologize for not catching the health hazard sooner.”

The Hydro Flask brand has made 210 million dollars in sales since it was founded in 2009. Founder, Travis Rosbach, hasn’t given any statement regarding the closing of his company.

All Hydro Flasks are being pulled off the market. People all over the world, who own Hydro Flasks, are being advised to stop using them immediately. Understandably, many people are horrified and outraged.

Sophie Kalberg, sophomore at Newbury Park Adventist Academy, tweeted late March 4th saying, “If Hydro Flask is shutting down I’m demanding a refund for all the Hydros Flasks I have purchased!”

The EPA says that consuming a high amount of lead can damage the brain, nervous system, stomach, and kidneys. This worried many people, such as mom Paulette Park.

Mrs. Park stated, “I bought my son a Hydro Flask hoping it would encourage him to drink more water, now I have to take it away because it is poisoning him! What has the world come to?”