Coaches Shea and Chavez have decided to change to online P.E. beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. This change will be used to help the students learn more about the benefits of physical education.

Online P.E. sounds very contradicting. How exactly does it work? Students take online courses that help you learn about the physiology and anatomy of the body. A new addition to this change is that the students are going to take quizzes, tests, and they are also going to have to have to write essays and papers on the things they have learned. As proof that they do the exercises that they are assigned, they have to, record their heart beats.

Of course many students could try and cheat this new system. Coach Chavez, girls P.E. teacher, coach and vice principal, said “I’ve made a system. Every student has to record themself doing the exercise with their handy dandy new iPads! I’m so excited to have actual footage of me torturing my students, this is going to be great!”

Students are now worried that their favorite class will soon become their worst nightmare. Others, an extremely small number, feel this adjustment will be more beneficial and exciting, as they will have more control over when and how they exercise.

Coach Shea, boys’ P.E. coach, feels neutral about this huge change saying, “I just follow along with what Grise says. I don’t hate the idea, but it also doesn’t make me jump from excitement.”

Students should expect to participate in all kinds of P.E. tests and quizzes. Everyone will have a chance to test their opinion about online P.E. during the 2018-2019 school year.