The mission of the NPAA arts program is to give students a firm grounding in the basics of a number of art forms and encourage them to use this knowledge to express themselves. Each student has the opportunity to find their unique voice and evolve an appropriate expression during their time at NPAA. A student of the arts is on a journey that transcends mastering specific skills. Here, they are given the time and space to develop the confidence that enables them share their talents with others.

The arts play a vital role in student life at NPAA. Arts classes are considered part of the core curriculum and meet the same number of hours as other classes.

Each teacher in the arts department creates a unique studio environment within which students grow as creative, thinking citizens. Faculty members model the creative process for students through their own experiences as working artists; many NPAA students excel in the arts and graduate with more than the two years of required arts classes. Classes offered at NPAA are Choir, Newburians (select Choral Group), Concert Band, Drama, and Art.