During a board meeting on February 27, 2018, the members decided to officially change NPAA’s mascot to a Croc. Coach Shea initiated the idea of a new mascot that will change in the 2018-2019 school year.

Other high schools such as Hillcrest Christian, Summit View, Santa Clarita Valley International (SCVI), Newbury Park High School (NPHS), and a few others have opted to change their mascot to a Gator. This led to Coach Shea wanting to get rid of the now common gator mascot.

“It’s the smart and cool thing to do. I mean c’mon who doesn’t want a croc as their mascot?” was Coach Shea’s, athletic director and boys sports teams coach, input on the new Croc addition.

The board was  ready to deny this petition, but the tremendous support of students wanting a Croc as their mascot forced them to look into it more. The school would have a more unique aspect to it, and Crocs are loved by more than half the population so the board had no other choice than to grant this new change.

Although the idea was easily welcomed by most students, some preferred to stick with the gator. Karen Asij, senior, expressed, “Crocs don’t really go with any of my cute outfits, so I wouldn’t really be able to rep Croc gear. Oh, and also I don’t own any Crocs.”

Of course there are going to be people who will mourn for the gator a while, but others are ready and stoked for the new year’s changes.

The change of the Gator to the Croc has sparked some great excitement. Mr. Hsu, math teacher, shared his thoughts on this new transition, “Wow, this is like a dream come true. I feel this new mascot was picked especially for me! I’m ready to rock my Crocs at the next school game!”

The Gator will be greatly missed by many students, faculty, friends, and family, but the Croc will help bring new memories to NPAA.