Academics at NPAA

The academic curriculum at NPAA prepares students to meet the requirements of some of the most selective colleges and universities in the country. The NPAA academic curriculum is designed to inspire lifelong learning.

NPAA is fortunate enough to be located in an area rich with learning opportunities. Students in Anatomy and Physiology class can visit a cadaver lab at a Medical School, Government class may be found on a field trip to the county courthouse, Art class might be found practicing water color painting at the beach or viewing great works of art at the Getty Museum, or a Chemistry class may be visited by researchers from Amgen Laboratories. Students have many opportunities to put their knowledge into action with real life applications in classes like Journalism, where students write articles for print or video news and Computer Applications where students learn how to create websites.

By the time a student graduates from NPAA, they will be well educated. They will be able to think critically, communicate their thoughts, work with others in a collaborative manner, and find creative solutions to problems. Graduates from NPAA will be empowered to excel.